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Re: Removal of support for GCC hosted on UWIN

>>>>> "Joseph" == Joseph S Myers <> writes:

    Joseph> Could all such direct instructions the FSF gives
    Joseph> concerning GCC please be posted to the public GCC mailing
    Joseph> lists verbatim or put on the web site verbatim or both?

The first paragraph of the words I posted *were* the exact words I was
asked to post.  The second paragraph (bearing on other programs using
the GPL) was my own.

    Joseph> I don't object to this particular request, but in general
    Joseph> I think the public mailing lists should be the place such
    Joseph> requests (e.g., the past removal of assignment forms from
    Joseph> the website) are justified by the FSF and discussed in the
    Joseph> first instance rather than after action has been taken,
    Joseph> unless a pressing justification for secrecy (e.g. pending
    Joseph> or ongoing legal action) is made.

The FSF owns the rights to the code, and so the FSF can make decisions
like this without consulting anybody.  (Of course, the GPL itself
gives everyone certain rights with respect to the code that would be
hard for the FSF to revoke.)

There are arguments for and against greater openness.

In any case, you should make this motion to the FSF itself; there's
nothing we can do directly.

Mark Mitchell         
CodeSourcery, LLC     

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