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Re: Branching for GCC 3.0

>>>>> "Joseph" == Joseph S Myers <> writes:

    Joseph> In no particular order:

    Joseph> * What's the rest of the release schedule?

I have a new policy on this topic: I utterly refuse to speculate.

The reason is simple: I do not control many of the critical resources
involved.  To date, many things have taken longer than I had hoped,
largely due to people who agreed to do things being unable to complete
those things on anything approximating the agreed-upon schedule.

I've therefore decided to be more humble; I will try to guide the
process, make good decisions along the way, and do all I can to fix
bugs, etc. -- but I cannot commit to a schedule.  Not that I won't
hound people who I think could/should be helping out... :-)

    Joseph> * Can we have the htdocs/gcc-3.0/ directory filled out
    Joseph> with schedule, release notes, caveats, etc.?  Though I put
    Joseph> features.html there so as to obsolete NEWS, it and the
    Joseph> other pages need filling out with the various items that
    Joseph> have appeared in the News section of the web pages and
    Joseph> whatever else people put in.

Those are all good things, but it's premature to write release notes,
etc. at this point.

    Joseph> * Will the old libstdc++ still be included in 3.0 (in
    Joseph> which case references to EGCS in it should be cleaned up,
    Joseph> etc.)?

No.  As soon as GCJ doesn't need it, we will remove V2 from the source
tree.  At least I think that's what we agreed upon the last time this
went around.

    Joseph> * Will Java be moving its web pages / mailing lists to
    Joseph> before the release?

I sure hope so.

    Joseph> A couple of specific questions from the "Open Issues" in
    Joseph> the release criteria:

    Joseph>      * Should -fstrict-aliasing be enabled?

As I've stated before, I am going to remain entirely agnostic on this
issue.  The SC will have to make a decision.  The SC rules do not
allow me to abstain from voting (IIRC), but I will not engage in any
debate on the issue.

    Joseph>      * Which open bugs need to be fixed?  (i.e., what will
    Joseph> be happening in the way of cleaning up the fairly
    Joseph> meaningless priorities in GNATS so that the PRs marked
    Joseph> "high" are those considered release critical?)

We will need volunteers for that.  Once we branch, this will become
one of the next major tasks.  Together with the functional
requirements (largely met at this time), we will use the open bugs to
drive the robustness of the release.  That will be the major metric of
when we are "done enough".

Mark Mitchell         
CodeSourcery, LLC     

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