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Re: Precompiled headers (or other speed ups)

I'm sorry if my message came across as a complaint. It was only meant
as an inquiry to see if there was something I could play with and test
for people. I know my machine is "archaic", but I'm a pour 16-year
old. ;) I can't a afford even a $1000 dollar machine (and that
wouldn't be a particularly great machine). Anyway, sorry if I
offended. :-)

Also, Geoff, Is there any PCH patch or anything that I could test? I'm
willing to deal with a system that is still under heavy testing and
I'll send in bug reports. Sorry, I'm getting pushy. Keep up the good
works, guys. :-)


Subject: Re: Precompiled headers (or other speed ups)
Date: Mon,  8 Jan 2001 23:41:08 -0500 (EST)

> <<<Skip this paragraph if your not interested in the details of my
> situation.> I have a single source file that takes 5-7 min to compile
> on my Pentium 133 64M RAM. The file uses the following libraries:
> GTK--, MySQL++ and STL. Pre-processed the file is 1.2M and it
> contains 423 classes. That's really big I know, but there ought to be
> some way to at least bring down the compile time a bit.
> >>
> But why use such a slow obsolete machine for such a large project? That
> seems a real mismatch to me. What would be interesting is to see how
> fast your program compiles on a modern inexpensive machine (for under
> $2K, you can get a gigahertz Athlon machine with 256 meg of memory).

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