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Precompiled headers (or other speed ups)

Hi all,

I'm a fairly long time GCC (C/C++) user. Compile times have been fine
for most everything I've done. But, recently I've started doing some
heavy duty C++ stuff (STL, GTK--, etc.) and the compile time has shot
through the roof.

<Skip this paragraph if your not interested in the details of my
situation.> I have a single source file that takes 5-7 min to compile
on my Pentium 133 64M RAM. The file uses the following libraries:
GTK--, MySQL++ and STL. Pre-processed the file is 1.2M and it
contains 423 classes. That's really big I know, but there ought to be
some way to at least bring down the compile time a bit.

I was wondering if there is anyone actively working on precompiled
headers (my program is a good candidate for this) or something else to
speed up the compilation? If so, I'd love help out by testing or doing
anything else I can?

I don't know anything about writing compilers or the innards of GCC,
but I can do stack traces and other debugging stuff. Thanx.

Your impatient programmer, ;-)
-Arthur Peters

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