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Re: Branching for GCC 3.0

In article <> you write:

>Since there is definitely a trend towards major movement on the
>mainline, I think it is appropriate to branch for GCC 3.0 sooner,
>rather than later.  Many bug-fix patches will need to go on both
>branches, but all new functionality can go on the mainline, and help
>us keep the release branch stable.

>  Questions, comments, theories, or philosophies?

I have some patches for various OpenBSD platforms (including the missing
configuration fragments for ppc and a few others) that I definitely like to
see in gcc 3.0, since these appear to be working (gcc 3.0 bumps 

My only problem is that I've been very busy checking patches and verifying
whether 2.95.3 candidate works or not, vax et al.

Since those patches won't hinder the release, I assume they're still okay
even a bit after january 14th, right ?

Otherwise, making the gcc 3.0 branch date almost coincide with the 2.95.3
release date is a bit unfair for those of us with an investment in making
stable releases work...

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