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Re: Branching for GCC 3.0

On Sun, 7 Jan 2001, Mark Mitchell wrote:

> I propose that we branch next weekend, on January 14th, assuming we're
> getting successful bootstraps on some major platforms at that point.
> As a baseball coach of mine used to say:
>   Questions, comments, theories, or philosophies?

In no particular order:

* What's the rest of the release schedule?

* Can we have the htdocs/gcc-3.0/ directory filled out with schedule,
release notes, caveats, etc.?  Though I put features.html there so as to
obsolete NEWS, it and the other pages need filling out with the various
items that have appeared in the News section of the web pages and whatever
else people put in.

* Will the old libstdc++ still be included in 3.0 (in which case
references to EGCS in it should be cleaned up, etc.)?

* Will Java be moving its web pages / mailing lists to before
the release?

A couple of specific questions from the "Open Issues" in the release

     * Should -fstrict-aliasing be enabled?

     * Which open bugs need to be fixed?
(i.e., what will be happening in the way of cleaning up the fairly
meaningless priorities in GNATS so that the PRs marked "high" are those
considered release critical?)

Joseph S. Myers

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