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Re: Your mingw32 patch...

Hi Dan,

Now why would you send this to me personally?  Use the list, please.

Dan Egnor wrote:
> It looks like "gcc-2.95.2-mingw-2.95.3-prerelease-1.diff" is a patch
> from the 2.95.2 stock distribution (from to a version which
> includes both the mingw patches and the 2.95.3-prerelease-1 patches,
> *except* that there's some confusion about the INSTALL directory.
> Notably, to get the patch to install cleanly, I had to first
> mv install INSTALL
> Oddly, the files which are patched make all sorts of references to the
> "install" directory.

Good, find.  This is actually a portability bug in the GCC-2.95.2
release.  The archive has an INSTALL directory with a README file in
it.  It also later has an install directory whose contents end up on our
Windows systems in INSTALL since on Win32 filesystems INSTALL == install
== Install == ...

Since you're applying the patch on UNIX, you actually get both
directories with the original contents.  Someone needs to create a fix
for this and submit the patches to GCC maintainers.  The easiest fix is
to move the location of README, but due to GNU standards the fix will
probably involve renaming install.


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