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Re: Is this supposed to work, or am I loopy?

On Fri, Jan 05, 2001 at 10:33:44AM -0800, Joe Buck wrote:
> At the risk of annoying Robert Dewar again :-), I think the user is
> correct and this is a bug.  I've long struggled to get -R to work on
> Linux, didn't know I needed to say -Wl, and wound up more that once having
> to become root and messing with ldconfig when this shouldn't have been
> necessary.
> -R should work the same way on all platforms.

I've usually used LD_RUN_PATH and left it up to the linker to figure
out what to do, rather than trusting whatever compiler I'm working with.
That, or use libtool if I'm only working in C.

But the users here aren't keen on either of those solutions.  Can't really
blame them for avoiding the environment variable method, but they just
won't listen to me when I tell them that in my (correct) opinion, the
Autotools are far better than what they're using.  :-)


pedwards at disaster dot jaj dot com  |  pme at sources dot redhat dot com
devphil at several other less interesting addresses in various dot domains
The gods do not protect fools.  Fools are protected by more capable fools.

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