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LANGUAGES vs --enable-languages (was: Testsuite documentation)

On Mon, 27 Nov 2000, Tim Prince wrote:
> I've been confused myself on the --enable-languages and where it is meant to
> work.  Even if that is used, the LANGUAGES option is useful to avoid
> building those components which cause bootstrap to fail;

This is exactly what --enable-languages is for, according.

In fact, according to that documentation, LANGUAGES is completely
unnecessary for regular users. (I think I understand what you are doing,
but I am not sure whether we want to expose such detail to the regular
users and whether this is "officially" supported at all.)

If this is not correct and LANGUAGES should be officially supported,
could someone please submit a documentation update for

> The environment variables which we have been required to set for testsuite
> on cygwin, when the gcc builds were working on that target, are:
> TCL_LIBRARY=/usr/share/tcl8.0
> DEJAGNULIBS=/usr/share/dejagnu
> I don't know whether there are other targets for which the necessary
> environment settings don't just happen.

Would you mind submitting a patch for install/test.html?

Gerald "Jerry"

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