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Re: Removal of V2 code

Geoff --

  Thanks for the script.  It worked great.

  The rumors of V2 not working with newlib were greatly exaggerated.

  I made absolutely no changes to the source code or configury bits.

  Everything built, and most C++ tests passed.

  Looking at the C++ tests, there were 40 unexpected failures
(relative to the 3 we see on GNU/Linux).  I randomly sampled 5 of the
37 new failures; all of them had the following problem:

/nfs/gandalf/u2/mitchell/dev/powerpc-test/objs/lib/gcc-lib/powerpc-eabisim/2.97/../../../../powerpc-eabisim/lib/libc.a(fdopen.o): In function `_fdopen_r':
/nfs/gandalf/u2/mitchell/dev/powerpc-test/src-objs/newlib/libc/stdio/fdopen.c:67: undefined reference to `fcntl'

  The code in question looks like it calls `_fcntl'; I don't know why
the linker reports that as `fcntl'.  I don't understand what's causing
that, but it's clear that it has nothing to do with V3.  I suspect a
newlib configury issue.  Geoff, would you mind tracking this down?

 It is possible that there will be runtime issues involving I/O
streams once the `fdopen' issue is resolved; I have no way of knowing
at this time.

  There was also one configury oddity in the V3 directory:

/nfs/gandalf/u2/mitchell/dev/powerpc-test/cvs-objs/gcc/egcs/libstdc++-v3/configure: test: =: unary operator expected

  This comes from:

  [if test $ac_cv_header_locale_h = yes; then

when $ac_cv_header_locale_h is not yet set.  I think that the V3
configury bits should check for <locale.h> first.  Would a V3 person
please confirm that, and make the necessary change?

  Even without this change, however, the configuration completed,
built the library, and mostly worked.  

  The Steering Committee has pretty much forbidden me from spending
more time working on getting V3 going with newlib.  However, I think
it's clear that a volunteer could finish the job with minimal effort.
The first step doesn't even involve understanding anything about V3 --
just figure out what's going on with fcntl.

Mark Mitchell         
CodeSourcery, LLC     

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