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Re: sun/os as release candidate was: Removal of V2 code

 > From: Robert Lipe <>
 > Kaveh R. Ghazi wrote:
 > > I've felt SunOS a worthy second tier candidate for these reasons:
 > > 
 > > Tests K&R stage1 support
 > Many modern compilers have flags to dumb them down to K&R mode.  Perhaps
 > this could be accomplished by doing bootstraps with a compiler in such a
 > mode.  I suspect that "gcc -ansi" is probably not the best test, but it
 > might suffice.  Some vendor compiler might be a better test.

I think you meant "gcc -traditional".

The problem with this kind of testing is that when you tell an ANSI
compiler to "dumb down" to traditional C, many still accept (some)
ANSI constructs.  E.g. Irix6's "cc -cckr" or "gcc -traditional" still
accept prototypes.  I'm sure other obscure things will come up.  I
think I recall hpux's cc did a good job being really traditional.

Anyway, I agree it's certainly better than nothing.  I'm trying to get
current CVS stage1 bootstrapable with "gcc -traditional".  There are
some problems with the switchover to tradcpp0 which I'll try to
address.  But faking K&R with "gcc -traditional" is not really a
substitute for bootstrapping with a real K&R compiler in a true K&R
environment (libc & headers) IMHO.

 > > Tests other various missing OS feature handling in gcc
 > Those represent holes.  OTOH, maybe they represent holes that are of
 > only of value on such an archaic target...I mean, does any actively
 > maintained host/target still really spell "memcpy" only as "bcopy"?
 > RJL

That's a really simple case.  Think about more intesting stuff like
long double or long long support, %p, broken mmap, broken ctypes,
intmax_t, enumerated bitfields, missing iconv, missing wide char
support, complex multilibs, missing atexit, AC_CHECK_DECLS, missing
threads, missing -c/-o, etc etc.

I know many (most) of these are missing/broken in some combination on
other platforms, but SunOS4 pretty much tops the list of problematic
platforms unless you go back to svr3. :-)

Kaveh R. Ghazi			Engagement Manager / Project Services		Qwest Internet Solutions

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