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Re: Removal of V2 code

Mark Mitchell wrote:
> I plan on doing a `cvs remove' on the V2 sources, and removing the
> configury bits for V2 at the end of next week as things seem to be
> settling OK with V3.  (There are still some AIX issues with V3, but
> they seem to be well on the path to resolution.)
> If you have objections to this plan (i.e., you need the V2 sources to
> continue your work), you should:
>   - Try hard to get V3 working on your platform.
>   - Complain to me.  Explain why you can't switch to V3, and what
>     you need in order to make that happen.

Do you really want to do this?

Wouldn't it be better to take a more staggered approach?  First release
a GCC with both v2 and v3 ABI support and then release a successor that
only contains v3 support.

I expect many people to try to use GCC with pre installed tools (GDB
comes to mind).  Requiring people to upgrade to some
not-yet-even-developed version of random tools is going to raise a few

(perhaps I'm misunderstanding the significance of the change)


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