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Re: C++, libstdc++-v3 and, well, error messages

On 18 Nov 2000, Gabriel Dos_Reis wrote:
> CodeSourcery announced that it will turn the C++ parser in a recursive
> descent one -- which undoubtely will allow better error diagnostics
> and error recovery.

Excellent! :-)

> Furthermore, the Subject: field seems to imply that the problem you
> are reporting is related to libstdc++-v3.  The problem has nothing to
> do with V3, it is entirely front-end specific as exemplified by this:

Sorry, I didn't mean to finger-point the libstdc++-v3 folks (which
have done a great job).

What I am worried about is that due to the switch to a libstdc++ that
enforces proper namespace treatment -- Which is really a good thing! --
lots of users will get exposed to this problem with our C++ frontend.

That is, while this is not a problem with libstdc++-v3 at all, I'd expect
that most of our users will encounter this in the context of *using* this

> But, I agree with you that the diagnostic message could (or has to) be
> improved.

Perhaps there might be a hack that works most of the time? Unless that's
feasible, we should put a BIG note into the GCC 3.0 release announcement
concerning "using namespace std".

Gerald "Jerry"

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