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GCC Build trouble

I am trying to build GCC and I am following your specific instructions via BUILD file, please read the following;
Building a native compiler

   For a native build issue the command `make bootstrap'. This will build
   the entire GCC system, which includes the following steps:
     * Build host tools necessary to build the compiler such as texinfo,
       bison, gperf.
     * Build target tools for use by the compiler such as gas, gld, and
       binutils if they have been properly unpacked into the GCC source
     * Perform a 3-stage bootstrap of the compiler.
     * Perform a comparison test of the stage2 and stage3 compilers.
     * Build runtime libraries using the stage3 compiler from the
       previous step.
I cannot seem to locate the bootstrap, here are the results;

[home:alg0m/gcc-2.95/install] root# make
make: *** No targets.  Stop.
[home:alg0m/gcc-2.95/install] root# make bootstrap
make: *** No rule to make target `bootstrap'.  Stop.
[home:alg0m/gcc-2.95/install] root#

We are running the following version;
version tcsh 6.08.00 (Astron) 1998-10-02 (powerpc-apple-rhapsody)

Any input would be greatly appreciated,


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