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RE: rs6000.c / PPc-EABI / VxWorks / varargs / 2.95.2 vs. 2.7.2

  Hi David, and thanks for replying. BTW, sorry about the lack of a From:
header on that post of mine - I've been trying to get around the RBL which
has my ISP blocked by setting up a dummy mailaccount that I could use just
for sending, that goes straight into cygnus' mailserver; I guess I have 
malconfigured something. This one is from my real email address, but won't
get through to the list! D'oh!

>	The "newppc" branch work was performed long after gcc-2.95.2 was
>released.  I would suggest that you complain to VxWork that they cooperate
>better with the rest of the GCC development community -- both contributing
>their changes and utilizing improvements in the FSF releases.  You are
>demonstrating the exact problem with forking a private copy.

  Well I guess I've misinterpreted the timing and implications of what the
newppc branch was about. Are you able to clue me in about whether there
*were* changes to the eabi calling conventions implementation in between
egcs 2.7.2 and gcc 2.95.2?  If not then I can deduce that it was the case 
that WRS diverged their code away from the gcc line *before* they issued
2.7.2, rather than (as I have been assuming until now) that WRS stood still
at 2.7.2 while gcc moved on to 2.95.2.

  FWIW, I fully agree with you that WRS should take their responsibilities
to the FSF and GCC community seriously. They've saved themselves millions 
of bucks and hundreds of man-years of R+D by having Gcc handed to them on 
a plate, yet they aren't willing to give back. I think that's just shameful.
Alas, they pay little heed to their customers. I've had a serious go at
getting them to fulfill their support agreement by fixing their faulty
compiler, and they told me (more-or-less) that they know it doesn't work and
aren't going to do anything about it.  OTOH, Mike Stump has been prominent
on the lists recently, so I kind-of-assumed that WRS had gotten it's 
attitude sorted out. Is he acting independently as a maintainer, rather
than being a serious liaison between GCC and WRS?

  Anyway thanks for taking the time to inform me. And rest assured that
any worthwhile hacks *I* can come up with *will* be submitted as patches.

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