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Re: V3: SPARC bug and tree freeze

By the way, in our environment at ACT, one of the major tasks is keeping
the testing machines up and running. We run the test suite frequently
(it has been run nearly ten thousand times in the last couple of years
at ACT), and the frequency of mysterious gremlins that cause machines
to conk out for one reason or another is definitely nonzero. 

One thing that would seem reasonable to me here is to set up the testing
just for GNU/Linux. A huge amount of the complexity we face at ACT comes
from maintaining a heterogenous network with all kinds of different
machines on it, a clean farm containing only identical GNU/Linux based
machines could be much more reliable (for example one of our major
sources of difficulties is NFS reliability between machines of greatly
different speeds and architectures). In practice if the tree is kept
reliable on GNU/Linux then

a) in terms of the GNU project that is the main task in any case

b) if it is clean and realiable for GNU/Linux, then there is a good
starting point for cleanups on other targets.

(in particular, we have had a heck of a time keeping automated builds
on NT working well, and have not so far managed to set up an NT machine
for checkin testing that worked reliably enough).

We are definitely willing to contribute code, experience and material
resources to such a project.

Robert Dewar

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