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Re: V3: SPARC bug and tree freeze

<<Sure, we could do the mozilla-like server farm automated
test-before-checkin thing.  Who's going to provide those machines?
How do we avoid the political issues that are arising out of's current affiliation?  I have no objection to such a
system, but we can't ask people to build glibc locally before every
checkin; that's crippling.

I absolutely agree, furthermore, relying on people to run tests locally
just isn't reliable enough for two reasons:

1. Unless you really automate the procedures, people will still operate
in the "this can't possibly affect anything mode" and skip the testing.

2. Running a complex set of tests is not such an easy task and it is
easy to make a mistake doing it, or to fail to notice a discrepancy.

As for "who will provide the machines", I will immediately make a
commitment that if something like this is set up, ACT will contribute
a top of the line PC for the task (we may be able to do more, but I
have to consult with other folks before offering too much on my own
since we have limited resources :-)

Setting the whole thing up is by far from trivial, but I think it would
be worth discussing what might be involved.

As far as "political issues arising out of ..." surely this is the
sort of thing that the steering committee can discuss and deal with?

Robert Dewar

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