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Re: config.sub pentium2 and pentiumii aliases (fwd)

     > Some packages might want to make a distinction between exact CPU
     > types.  GMP is one such package, where there has a very significant
     > speed advantage,

   tbh, I don't think it's config.guess/config.sub's job to figure this
   out - I think there should be specific autoconf tests for specific CPU
   type. Splitting the ix86 family of chips up for generic configury
   always seemed to be a bizarre idea, as the majority applications treat
   i[34567]86 as a single type of CPU.

Well, that said, this is true for the majority of the applications.  It
probably doesn't need to be said that there are applications out there that
*do* care (notably, GCC).

I believe that what is required is a carefully selected middle ground:
sufficient granularity to be of use to most applications -- and to allow
clone x86 CPUs to be grouped under, say, i686, and for anyone else really
caring that much to perform their own specific tests as part of the

So my inclination is to decline on the suggestion of names like
"pentiumpro".  If Mo's correct in saying that they are currently
misclassified, then I'll fix it.


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