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Re: [ANNOUNCE] Libgcj relocation announce.

On Sun, 5 Nov 2000, Alexandre Petit-Bianco wrote:
> The libgcj/gcj team plans on moving the source code of the Java
> run-time environment, called libgcj from its own source tree to Gcc's
> source tree.


> We will be giving write access to the libgcj/gcj repositories to the
> following persons:
>     bryce:****:9054:65530:Bryce McKinlay:/home/bryce:/bin/bash
>     krab:*****:9057:65530:Kresten Krab Thorup:/home/krab:/bin/bash
>     brads:****:9069:65530:Bradley Schatz:/home/brads:/bin/tcsh
>     hboehm:***:9081:65530:Hans Boehm:/home/hboehm:/bin/tcsh
>     mark:*****:9112:65530:Mark Wielaard:/home/mark:/bin/tcsh
>     rolfwr:***:9116:65530:Rolf Rasmussen:/home/rolfwr:/bin/tcsh

Please also add them to gcc/MAINTAINERS (under Write After Approval?).

> Bradley works on our web pages.

Ah, that means were going to cooperate, Bradley! :-)

> We're experimenting with a merged tree as we speak. Before we
> effectively move the sources, we plan on claiming build support for
> the following platforms:
>   x86/FreeBSD	3.x

Why not 4.x? (Though this shouldn't make much difference, I'm tempted
to think. I'm asking because FreeBSD 4.1/4.2 is one of the secondary
evaluation platforms for GCC 3.0.

> After the merge occur, the libgcj/gcj team will respond to inquiries
> and problem reports. The mailing list for this is `java-discuss', see
> the mailing lists link below for details.

Should the mailing list be moved to as well? Logically I
mean, not phyically. ;-)

> The libgcj/gcj web pages are kept in a separate directory. Over time,
> we plan to merge our web pages into the gcc pages.

I assume you'll be busy enough with the plans outlined above, but once
someone has a bit of capacity left, please contact me. I'm most willing
to help with this integration whereever possible.

> You should use the `libgcj' category. Note that we haven't yet decided
> how to address our separate Gnats database.  We're reluctant to move
> PRs into the gcc database as that would require renumbering. Suggestions
> welcome.

Is it possible to have PRs whose ID doesn't consist of numbers
exclusively? Like J143? We'll have to do something similiar for the
libstdc++ integration as well...

Cheers -- and good luck!
Gerald "Jerry"

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