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Switch to V3 library

Now that V3 works on GNU/Linux and IRIX, and is behaving somewhat well
on Solaris and AIX, I plan to switch GCC's default C++ library to V3
at the end of next week.

This change will hopefully induce the various port maintainers to do
what needs to be done for their ports, and it will also help the V3
folks to focus on solving those problems and on the upcoming GCC 3.0
release, and it will allow users to start shaking bugs out of V3.

Since I was able to complete the IRIX port of V3 with only moderate
effort, I believe that people should be able to do their respective
ports without too much work.  I know that Gabriel Dos Reis
<>, and myself, will try to help people who get
stuck.  For the most part, I suggest looking at
libstdc++-v3/config/os/{irix,solaris,aix} to see what you need to do
in the configuration header files.  You will also need to change
acinclude.m4 (search for irix/aix/solaris), and then regenerate using
the sequence:

  aclocal && autoconf && autoheader && automake

For the most part, largely thanks to Phil Edwards and David Edelsohn,
V3 is set up pretty well to allow system-dependent configuration.  I
believe that the only primary GCC 3.0 platform not mentioned above is

Before making the switch, I will ensure that the C++ regression tests
behave equally well with and without V3 on both IRIX and Linux.  I wil
lmake a go at Solaris, as well, since I have access to a Solaris box.

After we do this, I'll then start seeing about switching over to the
new ABI.  That will no doubt yield some new and interesting problems.

Good luck, and may be the source be with us!

Mark Mitchell         
CodeSourcery, LLC     

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