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Re: Why not gnat Ada in gcc?

<<Instead of believing, or guessing, why not measure.  We have a
database of runs.  Tell us what the numbers are.  I know what I am
used to.  I am used to the numbers being fairly stable.  My biggest

Presumably only Cygnus/Redhat can measure this, since only they have
the internal test suite that would give the data. 

<<If you provided the feedback for the public sources, in a sane manner,
I suspect you could get the developers to stop breaking things as
often as you think they do.

Well I think in the case of Ada it will be a huge help to make the
official validation (ACATS) tests available and runnable, and that
is one of our projects (these are openly available tests, but setting
them up to run is nowhere near trivial). Just providing feedback on
these tests will be very helpful.

Unfortunately the more significant test suites (the ACT internal test
suite, and the Digital test suite) are full of highly protected proprietary
code, and cannot be made available for external use.

It will be interesting to see how stable things stay ...

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