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Re: Header file installation

On Mon, Oct 30, 2000 at 09:05:07PM -0800, Mark Mitchell wrote:
> Benjamin, Phil Edwards, and I have talked about the G++ header file
> situation, and we're thinking we'd like to have the headers installed
> in the gcc-lib/arch/version/include directory, instead of in
> include/g++-3.  (By the way, that also goes along with a request from
> some BSD folks that I talked to at ALS2000.)
> The advantages are that it will make `gcc -V' more likely to do
> something sensible, and that the `g++-3' bit is very confusing to
> users, judging by how often questiosn regarding that come up on the V3
> mailing list.
> Does anyone have objections to this change?

The C++ headers, while a little obscured, are developer-readable;
people are fairly used to scanning for them under /usr/include when
trying to look something up.  Even having a symlink there would be a
little awkward - my instinct would be to either leave the headers under
/usr/include/g++-3, or to create a usr/include/gcc-include/arch/version

Do all of the libstdc++ headers really need this treatment?  Why not
just a specific subset of them?


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