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>>>>> "Smithers, Kit" writes:

>> Exception handling using the gcc exception handling mechanisms (as
>> opposed to setjmp/longjmp) are not implemented for RS/6000 AIX.
>> Exceptions may not be able to propagate through shared libraries at
>> present.  AIX already has some generic functionality 

Kit> Basically we're seeing a lot of additional code bloat because the linker
Kit> doesn't seem to be garbage collecting any code we produce using g++. We also
Kit> want to use shared libaries but are currently unable because we use
Kit> exceptions.

	The linker does perform garbage collection, but after scanning for
constructors and the limited way that GCC labels CSECTs, nearly all CSECTs
(therefore nearly all object files) appear to be referenced.

Kit> I'd be interested in any patches that you have - although since our
Kit> development is safety related we wouldn't easily be able to use it
Kit> ultimately unless it became part of the mainstream gcc releases.

	This patch will become part of the mainline sources as soon as
people help me debug it.

Thanks, David

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