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Does the work you are doing for AIX regarding the collect2 patch:

> The correct way to solve this problem is by generating shared
> libraries using the initfini support present in the AIX binder

have any resolution to a previous reply you gave me about problems to do
with shared libraries and AIX?

> Exception handling using the gcc exception handling mechanisms (as
> opposed to setjmp/longjmp) are not implemented for RS/6000 AIX.
> Exceptions may not be able to propagate through shared libraries at
> present.  AIX already has some generic functionality 

Basically we're seeing a lot of additional code bloat because the linker
doesn't seem to be garbage collecting any code we produce using g++. We also
want to use shared libaries but are currently unable because we use

I'd be interested in any patches that you have - although since our
development is safety related we wouldn't easily be able to use it
ultimately unless it became part of the mainstream gcc releases.

Kit Smithers 

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