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>>>>> "David" == David Edelsohn <> writes:

David> 	Scanning the resulting executable misses some dependencies because
David> AIX's linker (link editor / binder) garbage collects: unreferenced CSECTs
David> are omitted from the resulting executable/shared object.  A preliminary
David> link phase to produce a scannable executable that has not referenced
David> ctors/dtors may not have retained all libraries and/or object files
David> containing necessary ctors/dtors that should be scanned for the final link
David> phase.  You do not see this on your simple program, but it has caused
David> failures for others.

David> 	The correct way to solve this problem is by generating shared
David> libraries using the initfini support present in the AIX binder on releases
David> AIX 4.2 and above.  I have a preliminary patch to make collect2 utilize
David> this functionality for AIX 4.3 and above.  If you and others would like to
David> test it and help debug it, I would appreciate the assistance from people
David> who actually use libstdc++.

We do use it, and would appreciate your patch. However, we are
building only executables yet.


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