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dead code removal

I have a test program that contains a routine DummyFunc() which is never
reference. Building this single source file in any way I've tried
results in a binary which contains DummyFunc(). Using nm and objdump, as
far as I can determine the GNU tools do not dead-code strip. (which I
find amazing!). I realize this support should be provided by a linker,
and not gcc. I have two questions.

Do the GNU tools provide dead-code stripping?

 - or - 

How can I find unused/unreferenced symbols so that I can bury the dead
code manually?

I found this related message posted by Jeffrey, but do not know how to
contact him. He eludes to this being supported. 


>From:  Jeffrey A Law <>
>Newsgroups:    comp.compilers
>Date:  27 May 1999 23:25:13 -0400
>Organization:  Compilers Central
>References:    99-05-091 99-05-105
>Keywords:      linker
>> >Actually, CodeWarrior for Win32 (by default) and MS Visual C++ (when
>> >used with the /Gy switch) both perform this procedure you mention --
>> >we put each procedure in its own section, and the respective linkers
>> >dead-strip out unused functions in the final executable.
>> The Watcom C/C++ linker also removes dead code and can remove unused
>> non-virtual and virtual functions by choice.
>The GNU tools can do this on ELF platforms. Though the removal of
>unused virtual functions isn't supported on all platforms (yet).

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