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Eastwood Recommends Vol. 7.

If there were one software title that could instantly transform your computer into an easy-to-use and highly productive part of your everyday life, wouldn't you want to try it?

Well now you can!  For a very limited time, Baseline Data Systems, Inc. is offering a free version of their software, Info Accelerator.  There is no obligation whatsoever.  

My latest selection is an industry award winning Personal Information Manager that has been on the market for nearly Ten years.  The product is entitled Info Accelerator, and includes a full featured phone book and Calendar.

If you've spent hundreds, even thousands of dollars on computing equipment.  Wouldn't it be nice to have the software to transform all of that into a ridiculously easy-to-use, yet ultra powerful system, that you can use in every aspect of your life. 

Now you can use the same award winning technology that corporations throughout the world rely on to make their computer investment payoff.  

Simply click on the hyperlink below to obtain your free download.  You've got a lot going for you; let Info Accelerator help you make the most of it.  

GET MORE PRODUCTIVE NOW and visit our download site, @

This is your serial number to activate the software:  35-TT02000417-01-8888

Top 10 Reasons Why I Recommended This Software:

1) Easy to setup and start using.  I hate software that has a learning curve as steep as Mount Everest.   

2) Y2K Compliant

3) Seamless mail merge to Word for Windows, and Word Perfect for Windows.   This feature is really quite amazing and something I have been looking for in a software package for many years!  Finally, someone got it right. 

4) Prints to all Day Runner and Day Timer paper including a pocket size mini book option. I can even print out blank Calendar pages on plain paper so I don't have to buy the Day Runner refill.  Very Handy!

5) Organizes your contact lists into unlimited categories.  Let me tell you, this is extraordinary. 

6) Publish your Phone book and Calendar online.  I found this feature quite useful and unique as I can access my phone book contacts and schedule from anywhere I have Internet access.  Quite amazing!  

7) Internet Mapping Features.  At a click of a button, I can get driving directions to any contact in my phone book. I really love this feature, as I travel frequently and have a need for clear and up to date driving directions.  

8) E-Mail Merge features.  This feature allows me to send e-mail to all my contacts.  I always found myself switching from phone book to phone book when sending out e-mail.  Finally a Universal Phone Book that works with all my e-mail software!    

9) Integration to Quicken.  When I'm writing a check, I can instantly pop in a name or company from the phone book.  IT PRACTICALYY FILLS OUT THE CHECK FOR YOU.  It works, with Quickbooks too, but I don't use that software.  

10)  And Lastly, It runs in a Network.  Users can access both the calendar and phone book simultaneously.   Something I could never accomplish with Outlook.

I hope you enjoy the software, I highly recommend it.


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