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Re: g77 and G4

>>>>> Eric P Rubenstein writes:

Eric> I was wondering if there will be a gnu fortran compiler which will
Eric> generate code taking advantage of the alti-vec registers on the PowerPC
Eric> G4.  Any indication of where in its development cycle it is would be
Eric> extremely helpful.  I am an astronomer and write my programs in fortran
Eric> exclusively, so this is an important question for me (not to mention the
Eric> many GB of images (reals) I have sitting on tape and disk).  

	Apple has an Altivec patch for egcs-1.1 derived from work
originally developed by Motorola.  Hopefully this patch will be integrated
into the public sources eventually.  I have not seen the patch myself, so
I am not sure how much it utilizes Altivec support directly versus
giving the programmer access to the Altivec functionality for use in
Altivec-specific subroutines (BLAS, etc.). 

David Edelsohn                                      T.J. Watson Research Center                                  P.O. Box 218
+1 914 945 4364 (TL 862)                            Yorktown Heights, NY 10598

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