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Re: Autoincrement examples

Joern Rennecke writes:

 > My first impressions are:
 > - Your code will take huge amounts of compile time for large functions,
 >   since you process each register individually, and ref_find_ref_between
 >   can cause a nested traversal of parts of a basic block - making the
 >   total complexity something like O(3).

ref_find_ref_between is only very rarely called and is only used for
{pre,post}_modify addressing modes with a register increment.

Many of the register ref lists do not need to be computed.  However, I
found that this simplifies dead store elimination; this is essential
prior to autoinc processing if the loop unrolling has taken place.

Your code does not have to worry about this since flow has removed
dead stores.

 > - By processing each register separately, you miss register-register
 >   copies and three-address adds.  Optimizing code with such constructs
 >   was actually the main objective of my patch.  It actually reduces
 >   register pressure.

I have rarely found these cases to be important for autoinc address
generation.  However, reduction of register pressure is a good thing.

 > - You can handle hard registers.  Have you been prompted by some real
 >   word code to implement this, or was this an instance of doing it
 >   because you could, and with little extra effort?

The latter.  I find it sometimes mops up some of reloads spills...

 > - Your code can generate PRE_MODIFY / POST_MODIFY, something which mine
 >   can't.

Yes, this is important for DSP architectures; especially things like
matrix multiplication where you want a large stride.

 > - I'm not sure you if your code can rewrite
 >   (mem (plus (reg ..) (const_int ..))) to use a different offset?
 >   FWIW, mine can't, but it is feasible with some effort to
 > implement it.

With the information that I collect, these transformations would be
straightforward.  More importantly, I would like to reorder some of
the memory references to improve autoinc generation.

Does your code maintain the LOG_LINKS?  If so I would like to try
running the instruction combiner after the regmove pass.
Alternatively, could your code be easily modified to remove redundant
load instructions once an autoinc address was generated?


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