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Re: 2.95,2 bug; can not create cross compiler

Michael Meissner wrote:
> > 
> > I don't use/like --with-headers. The header file is not the only
> > problem. I have run into those lib*.a lib*.so/crt*.o problems. Here
> > is a sanity check I use. BTW, you probably will only see those problems
> > when you use a full C library like glibc 2, libc 5, ... Newlib is ok.
> We've talked about moving libgcc in the past.  Maybe we should bite the bullet,
> and move it completely into the target space that the other libraries are in.
> Similarly for any f77/java/objc/c++/pascal/ada/etc. libraries.  From a
> development point of view, having all the libraries in <target> is nice,
> because you can blow away the directory and get everything rebuilt with one
> build (assuming a fully populated tree).  In the past this never made sense,
> because gcc was self-contained in one directory, but now since gcc uses
> libiberity, it is no longer self-contained.

Say one only wants a C compiler.  She doesn't want all the other goodies
that tag along.  The old configuration scripts let one specify a target
of FOO-BAR-YAMA and build a C compiler to gen code for a FOO chip.  Indeed,
the intended target may not have been a BAR machine running the YAMA
system at all.  This is particularly useful when doing research and
not necessarily gen'ing "live code" that will actually be running
on a real computer.  (When doing a "quickie" experiment, it is 
particularly annoying to have to install/build many co-dependent packages
when it would seem the cross compiler should be able to be created
straight away -- the compiler proper.)

Is there a way to do this with the new configuration stuff with some
option?  Is it documented?  Is this case just too insignificant 
for anyone to care?


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