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Re: 2.95,2 bug; can not create cross compiler

> Date: Thu, 18 Nov 1999 08:10:14 -0800 (PST)
> From: (H.J. Lu)

> I don't use/like --with-headers. The header file is not the only
> problem. I have run into those lib*.a lib*.so/crt*.o problems. Here
> is a sanity check I use. BTW, you probably will only see those
> problems when you use a full C library like glibc 2, libc 5,
> ... Newlib is ok.

> +if [ x${target} != x${build} -a x${build} = x${host} ]; then
> +    if [ ! -d ${prefix}/lib/gcc-lib/${target_alias}/${gcc_version} ]; then
> +    	echo "Please create the directory:" 1>&2
> +    	echo 1>&2
> +	echo "	${prefix}/lib/gcc-lib/${target_alias}/${gcc_version}" 1>&2
> +    	echo 1>&2
> +    	echo "first for successful cross-compilaition." 1>&2
> +	exit 1
> +    fi
> +fi
> +

Sigh, I too have this in my local set of changes.  Though I am less
clean about it, and just make the directory outright during the build
of xgcc.  All running of the compiler happens after that point, and it
can't run without the directory being made.  I find my preexisting
headers directly (I change where sys-include is) and don't copy them
(hence no --with-headers option).  I do all this as I want to find
these headers relative to -Binst_dir, though since I have only one set
of headers and many targets, I use ../../../.. in the path name for
the headers.  To achieve all this, I have:

.kankakee bash[1886] cat config/t-vxheaders 
SYSTEM_HEADER_DIR = $(libsubdir)/$(unlibsubdir)../../../../../../target/h

in a make file fragment for the OS.  Works fine, except for the
necessity of making the $(libsubdir)/$(unlibsubdir) directory in the
install tree at _build_ time, though I guess copying the headers to
sys-include is at least as bad, as it happens during configure (even
before build).  HJ, why didn't you just make the directory?

I've not bothered to submit these changes as they are only relevant I
feel for a distributor (which I am), I feel.  If the maintainers are
interested in some type of solution like this that solves this type of
problem, I'd be happy to do the work and submit it.

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