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Re: Installation issues

> Date: Fri, 12 Nov 1999 15:44:59 -0600
> From: root <>

> I know, all I have to do is configure and build it.....

> step 1 configure :
> the only instruction i have found is type in 3 command lines

> % mkdir objdir
> % cd objdir
> % srcdir/configure [target] [options]

> A) What direcotry is %

Any directory that you can modify and read and one that has enough
disk space should be fine.  For example, you can use $HOME.  To get
there, type in the command, `cd'.

> B) Where is srcdir

A few lines above where we tell you the above command, is the phrase
`We use srcdir to refer to the toplevel source directory for GCC', we
had hoped that would be clear.  Anyway, the top level source directory
is $HOME/gcc-2.95.2.  (Assuming that your using gcc-2.95.2.)

> C) Where is configure (is this an executable somewhere on my HDD)

`srcdir/configure' according to the documentation.  In your case,

> D) Anywhere I type configure i get: bash:configure:command not found

This will go away.

> Step 2 build:
> the only instruction i have found is type in 1 command line

> make bootstrap

> A) The only reply I can get from this command is :
>         make:  *** No rule to make target 'bootstrap'. Stop.

This will go away once you configure.

> I'm I that stupid

It isn't stupidity, it is lack of experience, everyone starts out that
way.  By trying it out and doing it a few times, you will gain

> or are you forgetting a step or two in the installiton manual.

We aren't forgetting steps per se, but it is written for someone with
a tad more experience downloading software and building software.

To recap, download the .tar.gz into you home directory.

# go to your home directory
# unpack it
tar zxf gcc-2.95.3.tar.gz
# create object directory
mkdir gcc-2.95.2-objdir
# go to it
cd gcc-2.95.2-objdir
# configure it
# build it
make bootstrap
# install it
make iinstall

Good luck, and hope this helps.  The bave instructions will work with
most GNU software (though change the `make bootstrap' to just a plain

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