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Your patch to init.c

Diego --

  I am concerned about several aspects of this patch:

	* init.c (init_init_processing): Header information for
	arrays allocated via `new' should have the same alignment used by

  In particular:

  o That patch was never posted to gcc-patches, either for review, or
    indicating that it was pre-approved by one of the maintainers.

  o You are not listed in `MAINTAINERS' as `write-after-approval'.  Is
    all of Cygnus implicitly write-after-approval?  (If so, there are
    some mild implications worth considering, but that's another

  o There should be a comment in the code explaining why you selected

  o Most importantly, that patch potentially breaks the C++ ABI on
    various platforms, even if correct in the abstract.  If there are
    extant platforms on which you have changed the size or alignment
    of this type, it may have become impossible to allocate an array
    in a newly compiled .o and delete it from a previously compiled
    .o, or vice versa.  In particular, if the offset from the cookie
    to the first element in the array has changed, it's likely that
    destructors will be passed incorrect addresses.

    It may be that the patch is safe, but that needs to be justified.

Mark Mitchell         
CodeSourcery, LLC     

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