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Re: genrecog problem

On Thu, Nov 04, 1999 at 11:12:02AM -0800, Dan Nicolaescu wrote:
>     case mode:
> 	^^^^^^^
> 	this is not defined anywhere, and I have no idea how it is
>     produced... 


You should have seen genrecog whining about an unrecognized
mode name CC_FP.  It did for me anyway, though the whining
can be tidied up just a bit to make it easier to find the error...


--- ss.h.orig	Thu Nov  4 13:25:42 1999
+++ ss.h	Thu Nov  4 13:26:05 1999
@@ -2862,16 +2862,11 @@ while (0)
 #define EXTRA_CC_MODES \
-    CC(CC_EQmode,     "CC_EQmode")              \
-    CC(CC_FPmode,     "CC_FPmode")              \
-    CC(CC_0mode,      "CC_0mode")               \
-    CC(CC_REV_FPmode,  "CC_REV_FPmode")
+    CC(CC_EQmode,     "CC_EQ")              \
+    CC(CC_FPmode,     "CC_FP")              \
+    CC(CC_0mode,      "CC_0")               \
+    CC(CC_REV_FPmode,  "CC_REV_FP")
-/* A list of C strings giving the names for the modes listed in
-   `EXTRA_CC_MODES'.  */
-#define EXTRA_CC_NAMES "CC_EQ", "CC_FP", "CC_0", "CC_REV_FP"
 /* Returns a mode from class `MODE_CC' to be used when comparison
    operation code OP is applied to rtx X.  */

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