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Re: Useless code generated by gcc 2.95.2????

> I don't think some of the extra code is caused by a bug, but rather
> the addition of a feature.  LL5 non-removal however is a bug, that I
> suspect someone introduced.  A binary search of cvs could tell how
> broke it and how they broke it.  That would then prompt them into
> fixing it (maybe).

Indeed. As we've found later on, the mainline *does* remove the
additional __builtin_delete call.

I'm not sure whether this really is a regression over egcs 1.1 - in
egcs 1.1, the processing of the implicit call to the deallocator was
quite different. So it may not be the case that egcs 2.9x (with x>3,
x<6) ever did the right thing. FWIW, the change activating the current
front-end behavior was

1998-10-22  Martin von L÷wis  <>

	* init.c (build_new_1): Delay cleanup until end of full expression.

So if the binary search yields the source of the problem, I agree that
the relevant patch should be considered for 2.95.3 (as 2.95 now
produces a significant increase in code size).


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