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Re: Printing types

Carlo Wood wrote:

> I've already checked out the source from the CVS, installed the
> infrastructure (tools) and am now compiling the compiler...
> Please let me know in time if you have second thoughts about
> adding a patch from me that will change the printing of types in
> warnings and errors in the consistent style as posted before.

Gabriel dos Reis and myself recently reorganized the type
printing code in error.c. The archives should have some discussion
about this stuff. (about a month ago).
* in a template instantiation uses the template type parm, and tells
you how it was expanded
* consistent about spacing around *, & etc
* More configurable bit flags to control formatting.

IIR, the discussion decided to stick with GNU style formatting for now
(`const int *const '). But no strong feeling was expressed about
religiously adhering to it.

Dr Nathan Sidwell :: Computer Science Department :: Bristol University
        I have seen the death of PhotoShop -- it is called GIMP

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