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"all the world's not Linux"

"If we were using autoconf..." in libiberty


'make check' hangs on binutils

(forw) Re: EGCS-1.1.2

(Getting rid of) man pages

--tmpdir option

-dv and graph representation

-fpic vs -fPIC

-Wuninitialized regression

1.1.2: "unrec. insn" ICE in gcc on alphaev6-unknown-linux

64-bit support for Solaris-7/U-SPARC?

[C++ dayly bug report] const_cast to rvalue of class type

[conditional multilib patch] Re: mips-sgi-irix6.5 installation

[daily C++ bug-report] Object of Empty Class Destroyed Twice

Re: [hjl@lucon.org: Re: Possible g++ bug]

[patch] alloca is dangerous to users health

Re: [Re: Idea about Documenting and Compiling egcs in C++. ]

Re: __eh_pc undefined is very painful!

Re: __register_frame_info & share library compatibility

__register_frame_info & shared library compatibility

ABIs support on Linux

adding fast bitops to egcs?

Adding machine type cmdline args

adding threads to "SVR4".

Addition of 6811 assembler target

Additional failures with -fPIC on x86


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ADV: Stock on the MOVE (Nasdaq: SIMSC)

AIX 4.2.1 TOC error - FAQ did not help :(

AIX cross-compiler woes

Alignment of dynamic goto targets

Alpha and egcs performance problem isolated

altivec instruction support?

Annoying warning

Anyone have an RPM for egcs 1.1.2

Are libg2c libraries mixed up?

The arithmetic support of SCmode and DCmode.

Availability of egcs-1.1.2 for OpenBSD

bool in bit fields?

bootstrap failure building egcs-2.93.19 19990426

Bug in egcs-2.91.60

Building binutils, egcs, gdb, etc

C and -fexceptions

C++ namespaces and the preprocessor

c++ tests failing...

C++: STL 3.2

Re: C++: STL 3.2 (fwd)

Re: C++: STL 3.2 and egcs 1.2

Can we use flow to set up WAS_0 notes?

Can't compile egcs on DEC OSF/1 v4.0a

changing embedded RPATH in existing executables.

changing fp insns to parallels...

Compilation problems

Compiler hang in libio/filebuf.cc, i386?

config.guess in egcs

config.guess, config.sub

Re: config.guess, config.sub & Solaris 7 Intel

Re: Confusing home page

Correct RTL representation of reg-stack registers

Re: Correct RTL representation of reg-stack registers (summary)

Could somebody please explain these terms - needed for translation

Re: covariant returns?

cp/class.c: build_class_init_list

cpp discrepancies

Re: cpp discrepancies [patch]

Re: cpplib

crash on default initialization

Cross-compiling for a palmpilot

cvs-over-ssh not working properly

cygwin or egcs bug ?

dead_or_set_p now valid after reload

Death with current sources

Debugging g77 (egcs-1.1.1 mingw32 version) with gdb

dejagnu RPM-spec

Demangler bugs

Dependent names (Was: Two other optimization questions.)

deque::at( size_type idx ) missing

Difference in stabs line markers for C and C++

documentation for g77 i/o

Does egcs support i386-elf target ??

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Egcs 1.1.1 & FreeBSD 3.1 (ELF)/Walnut Creek

egcs 1.1.2 linux cross - new user help

egcs 1.1.2 vs. HP/UX 10.20

egcs 1.1.2, Solaris 2.6 and RogueWave Libraries

egcs 1.2 C++ ABI (Re: C++: STL 3.2)

egcs and K6 - how to proceed ?

egcs code performance

Re: Egcs for AIX

egcs for Cray T3E?

egcs misoptimizes LyX

Re: EGCS Optimization bug on HPUX

egcs pa 2.0 support

Re: egcs to take over gcc maintainance


egcs-1.1.2 success i686-pc-linux-gnu

EGCS-1.1.2 suggestions for improvement

egcs-1.1.2, glibc2, linux


Re: egcs-1.2 FCOMI stuff

egcs-1.2 stuff

egcs-1.2 tenative schedule

egcs-1.2 with SGI STL-3.2?

egcs-19990405 code quality (vs 1.1.2)


egcs-ss-19990405 is now available

egcs-ss-19990412 is now available

egcs-ss-19990418 is now available

egcs-ss-19990428 is now available

egcs/gcc/acconfig.h ENABLE_CHECKING macro?

egcs1.1.2 lnx cross ppc newuser followup

Example for C++ interface to Tree struct

Failure on OSR 5.0.5

FAQ addition proposal

Re: First public release of libgcj

Floating point optimization?

Fortran: Failed assertion in f/com.c 'TREE_CONSTANT (t)'

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full regression test size

function.c cured? was: RETURN_IN_MEMORY & -fPIC on x86

Re: function.c cured? was: RETURN_IN_MEMORY & -fPIC on x86

Re: g77 0.5.23 and higher, egcs 1.1.1: Changed behavior

g77 : problem with unformatted file which come from HP-UX

g77 for Mac

g77 medium-size rewrite going on...

g77 mega-patch: rewrite to use block/scope structure of GBE

g77 performance

gcc on HPUX 11: has anyone installed this?

gcc stalls building opnewnt.o under cygwin

gcc version egcs-2.93.20 19990428 Compiles linux



GDB mailing list?

GDB sources available via anoncvs

getting changes into egcs

Global constant propagation

glossary for egcs - request for contributions

gperf maintainership

Haifa for x86?


Having problems with DATA Statement

Help with assembly

Help with DG/UX Intel port

Help: Does gcc support 64 bit arithmetic on UltraSparc ?

How do I unsubscribe

How to avoid cumulative errors in building compiler?

How to install GCC?

HP-UX compilation problem resolved

I want to talk to you

I'm looking for gcc

Re: i18n of egcs


i386 Software FP

i386-DLLs: forwarding symbols to another DLL

Idea about Documenting and Compiling egcs in C++.

Re: Idea about Documenting and Compiling egcs in C++.

IEEE inconsistency in fold-const.c

Re: improvements to abort()

Incomplete Types

Increase Your Sales! Accept MC/Visa!

installation problems

Irix6.5 profiling

Is someone working on reg-stack rewrite?

Issues with g++.pt/decl2.C

java to win32

label question

Re: Leaf optimization/call stuff?

Legal Cable TV Descrambler!!

Re: libf2c FLAGS_TO_PASS [was Re: egcs-1.2 stuff ]


libstdc++-v3 snapshot

Linking problem with IRIX 6.5 and OpenGL

linux-2.2.5 and egcs-19990305

linux-2.2.5 vs egcs snapshots

loop unrolling vs mips

Mac port of egcs?

MacOS X Server

Make check failing with 19990412 snapshot

making aliases into the middle of a structure

Making generated files read-only

Mark Mitchell as C++ co-maintainer

Re: Mark Mitchell as C++ co-maintainer [Forwarded from Philipp Thomas ]

Massive testsweet failure with gcc version egcs-2.93.18 19990414

match_scratch support for memory

memory checking proposal

Minor optimization possible with bit deposit instructions

mips static constructor changes

mips-sgi-irix6.3 & egcs-1.1.2 problems

Re: mips-sgi-irix6.5 installation


More new x86 breakage

More on 32bit/64bit ABIs under Linux

Re: More on 32bit/64bit ABIs under LinuxOAOAOB

Multible Exceptions

Multilib and Linux.

Multiple ABIs for a single compilation unit?

New email address

Re: new g77 x86 ICE in 19990328

New mailing list egcs-cvs-wwwdocs

new-exceptions cfg weirdness

No Subject

Not implemented...

Optimizations for Cyrix...

optimizers for C (and C++)

Optimizing for processor

Out sick

Outputting assembler constants in octal

Re: A patch for libf2c/Makefile.in

Re: A patch for libf2c/Makefile.in (fwd)

Pgcc(egcs) compiler error.

pgcc-1.1.1 glibc-2.1.1 strptime.c forbidden register

PIC register allocation by reload (Was: Re: egcs-1.2 stuff)

Please check egcs-g77 performance as of now...

Pointers Extend Unsigned Question

Poor strength reduction with autoincrements

Possible g++ bug

Possible g++ bug (fwd)

PPC __asm question/request

PPro/CC_FCOMI patch

Problem building snapshot on rs6000-ibm-aix4.3.2.0

problem compiling egcs-1.1

Problems compiling in HP-UX 10.20

Problems using system call ioperm() with g++...

Problems with a unified error-handling API

Problems with building egcs 1.1b

Q: About Optimization to Elide Copy Constructors

Re: Fwd: Questions on PA machine description?

Re: rebuilding fixincludes - good news, bad news and RFE

Recently CVS'd tree on alphaev6 gives warning: /tmp/ccMzaaaa.s Warning: Bignum truncated to 8 bytes

Remaining uninitialized variable warnings


RTL consistency questions

RTTI (dynamic_cast)

RTTI, vtables help -- Mac OS X Server port

Scope of work to fix sched REG_DEAD handling?

Search Engine Registration adv

Self employment.

Serious Solaris problem (effects egcs-1.2)

Shared libraries on DU (affects libg++)

Shared modules on Solaris+egcs

Re: Small slowdown...

Solaris 2.7 and 64-bit compiling

Solved: c++ tests failing...

Soname for 32bit/64bit Linux

spam load

ss-990418 and i386's __GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE__

Stack offset on m88k-psos

Strange Linux Problem


success: egcs-1.1.2 on new platform

Successful egcs build

successful install of egcs

SUCCESSFUL powerpc-ibm-aix4.3.2.0

Successfull build

suggest explicit braces to avoid ambiguous `else'

Suggested FAQ entry

Re: support array bounds checking

Re: Support for C++ on the power pc

supporting traditional `lint' in cpplib

Re: target i386-wrs-vxworks: Compiler (AS) error

template friends ? (bug or feature)

Testing problem on Linux alpha

This weekend

TODO: egcs-g++

tree structure and inserting own profiling code

TriMedia TM1000 Media Processor

Two other optimization questions.

A typo in ChangeLog?

uniform ident directive?

RE: va_list Req. For Enhancement

Re: valarray

Version 2 of vtable thunks bug fix (without patch)

vtable_thunks in powerpc-eabi?



Where is String class?

Which dejagnu works under RHL 6.0/SPARC (glibc-2.1)?

Who should we contact for a proposed new feature of gcc, g77 and g++?

why does g77 build?

Work From Home!! Fantastic Opportunity!!!

An x86 CPU bug?

x86 earlyclobber and matching constraints

x86 fixuns_truncsfsi2 and expand_fix

x86 REG_DEAD note lacking after split


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