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Success on DEC OSF/1 4.0 egcs 1.02


in ./egcs-1.0.2/INSTALL/finalinstall.html you wrote:

> If you don't mind, please send a short mail message
> indicating that you successfully built and installed egcs.
> Include the output from running srcdir/config.guess. 

Well, egcs 1.0.2 compiled fine on our DEC Alphastation 500 running OSF/1
Digital UNIX 4.0, and it seems to compile things just fine. 

(Besides the fact that it's core usage grows up to the hilarious amount
of 127 MB when compiling through some --very nasty-- template instantiation
and then produces assembler output that induces an assembler  warning saying
"line too long", followed by a nearly 18 MB core dump of the DEC Assembler.
But looking at the source file, I guess it's not actually egcs' fault. The
file at hand is really obfuscated. Here's some example:

template class map<int, multiset<ZTrackStub,less<ZTrackStub> >, less<int> >;
template class pair<int const, multiset<ZTrackStub,less<ZTrackStub> > >;
template class rb_tree<int,
                       pair<int const,multiset<ZTrackStub,less<ZTrackStub> > >,
                       const,multiset<ZTrackStub,less<ZTrackStub> > >, int>,
                       less<int> >;

I just want to note that this code is *not* written by me :-)

Here's the config.guess output:


Cheers,	patrick

Patrick Schemitz,
University of Karlsruhe (TH), Germany
Faculty for Physics, EKP, Ka'CDF Tracking Group

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