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Re: egcs, more system.h cutover patches

  In message <>you write:
  > 	Here is another system.h cutover patch for the gcc directory.
  > (I made sure to add dependencies at the end of the line in
  > and its much smaller than my last one. :-) )
  > 	Is it okay to install?
  > 		--Kaveh
  > Sat Mar 28 21:27:02 1998  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>
  >         * (choose-temp.o, cppalloc.o, cpperror.o, cppexp.o,
  >  	cpphash.o, cpplib.o, cppmain.o, fix-header.o, gcov.o,
  >  	gen-protos.o, gengenrtl.o, halfpic.o, hash.o, scan-decls.o,
  >  	scan.o): Depend on system.h.
  >         * choose-temp.c: Include system.h.  Add parameters to various
  >         function prototypes.
  >         * cppalloc.c: Likewise.
  >         * cpperror.c: Likewise.
  >         * cppexp.c: Likewise.
  >         * cpphash.c: Likewise.
  >         * cpplib.c: Likewise.
  >         * cppmain.c: Likewise.
  >         * fix-header.c: Likewise.
  >         * gcov.c: Likewise.
  >         * gen-protos.c: Likewise.
  >         * gengenrtl.c: Likewise.
  >         * halfpic.c: Likewise.
  >         * hash.c: Likewise.
  >         * scan-decls.c: Likewise.
  >         * scan.c: Likewise.
Looks mostly OK.

Note that choose-temp.c needs to be kept sync'd with the copy in
libiberty, so I think you need to change both copies at the same
time (and make sure that it still works in libiberty :-)

You added an include of config.h to cpphash.c, you need to make
sure that's noted in the ChangeLog.

Also don't mess with the xmalloc, xrealloc, xfree prototypes yet.
That's an issue I want to revisit later (and fix them all at the
same time).


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