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Re: SGI IRIX 6.4 & gas

   Date: Fri, 27 Mar 1998 14:11:13 -0800
   From: Mark Mitchell <>

     The helpful installation guidelines with egcs say:

       You must not use GAS on irix6 platforms; doing so will only cause

     But, I've now run into the problem of mangled names that are too
   long for the IRIX as to handle.  Is the prohibition in the docs still
   correct?  If so, does anyone recall the specific problem; it might be
   worth it to me to fix it.

There is no specific problem.  gas has simply never been ported to run
on Irix 6.

For example, gas does not support the -n32 or -64 options.  It always
generates object files which are marked as -o32.  I believe that
adding support for the -64 option would require enhancing the 64 bit
MIPS ELF support that exists in BFD.  There is currently a partial
implementation in bfd/elf64-mips.c.

Irix 6 uses some new addressing syntax, like %neg and %gp_rel (see the
loadgp insn in gcc/config/mips/  I don't think gas recognizes

There may be some new pseudo-ops on Irix 6 which gas does not

I think that in strict -o32 mode, gas already sort of works on Irix 6,
although it generates .mdebug information which is appropriate for
Irix 5 but not for Irix 6.  Unfortunately, the last time I checked gcc
did not support -o32 mode on Irix 6, so this isn't much help.

Since a lot of the code does exist in one form or another, I don't
think an Irix 6 port would be exceptionally difficult.  However, it
would not be trivial.  I would certainly be grateful if somebody
volunteered to do one.  I am not aware of anybody working on an Irix 6
port at present.

Note that there is a mailing list specifically for the discussion of
gas: (to join,, as usual).
It's low volume.


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