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Re: egcs-980321 on sparc-sun-solaris2.5.1 test results

  In message <>you write:
  > > Run the programs under a shell that supports limit control.  Under
  > > Solaris, I think this means ksh.   Then use the shell's internal ulimit
  > > to cap the max CPU time or stack or vm or anything else you need to
  > > catch.
  > That's something dejagnu would have to do for each compilation/execution.
  > And if that is done, it's worth doing well, i.e., portably once and for
  > all. Not being at all familiar with expect and dejagnu, I can't even start
  > thinking about how to do it, but I'd expect expect to have the means for
  > doing exactly that on its own. Maybe it is in there, and needs to be
  > activated with some switch?
Dejagnu does have the concept of "timeouts", and I think if you wait
long enough they will kick in :-) 

No, I don't know what the default value is -- I just know that some
of the longer running tests actually do time out when running on
a simulator.  It may be the case that only the simulator testing
harness uses them.  I don't really know.


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