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Re: New texinfo

On Wed, 25 March 1998, 12:07:15, wrote:

    	Am I the only one to experience problems with texinfo while trying to
    compile egcs from the CVS source tree (updated 03/25).
    configure complains it does not find ../egcs/texinfo/intl/libgettext.h and
    po files.
    Its seems that those sub-directories are not registered with cvs.
    I copied those files from the regular texinfo-3.12 distribution and
    now get:
    mururoa->../egcs/configure --prefix=/u/corse/2/robotvis/egcs --srcdir=../egcs
    Configuring for a sparc-sun-solaris2.5.1 host.
    Created "Makefile" in /u/hawai/0/robotvis/papadop/src/egcs-solaris using "mh-frag"
    ./config.status is unchanged
    ../../egcs/texinfo/configure: EGCS_PROG_INSTALL: not found
    ../../egcs/texinfo/configure: AM_MAINTAINER_MODE: not found
    ../../egcs/texinfo/configure: AM_EXEEXT: not found
    ../../egcs/texinfo/configure: intl/po2tbl.sed: cannot create
    Links are now set up to build a native compiler for sparc-sun-solaris2.5.1
    Do I miss something ???
    	Thanks for all your work...

I  guess, in the meantime  you've received my postings concerning this
issue. If not, you should execute the following commands:

$ cd egcs/texinfo
$ mv configure configure.orig
$ autoconf
$ touch --file=configure.orig configure
$ touch `find . -name -print`


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