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Re: A bug in mark_constants () in varasm.c

Per Bothner wrote:
> > Linus Torvalds requires that all code in the source is using a tab
> > length of 8 spaces, and he also states that you are a bad programmer
> > if you write code with more than 3 indentation levels.
> I didn't know that Linus Torvalds has done research on programming styles.
> He much have, since why else would you have the audacity quote him as
> an authority, on a list where there are dozens of people with more
> than double Linus's programming experience?

I am not using Linus as an authoroty, rather as an example. I had 
hoped that was rather clear. All I know is that it is important for
the maintainers of a piece of code to enforce strict style guides.

> > This has caused the code to be fairly easy to read and maintainance is
> > pretty straight forward.
> Irrelevant - a kernel is a lot simpler than an optimizing compiler,
> in terms of complexity of algorithms and data structures.

I disagree with the irrelevant part. No matter how complex algorithms
data structures are, there is no excuse of voiding good coding
(Well, sometimes there are, but these things should be rare.)

My point still remains the same. Why duplicate code; it is not
and is a pain for future development. (Fix part A, always remember to
part B, C, D if you do that.)


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