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Re: Two volunteers needed: New scheduler and aliasing code

>     A shared setup like that would make it much easier to do merges back
>     and forth, and to compute the differences between the branches,
>     thereby facilitating collaboration.
> I agree.  However, I think this will become much more useful once
> we've gotten the sources closer, which is what these volunteers are
> needed for.

Unfortunately, the sources are not getting closer, because both gcc2
and egcs are continuing to be developed.  This means that if you want
a common CVS tree, it should happen ASAP, or it will only be harder
to do in the future.  I believe that doing a common CVS tree sooner
rather than later will actually facilitate the process of bringing the
sources closer, since you basically have to conduct a merge operation,
and it's much easier to do this with CVS support than manually.

>     I believe that Jeff agreed at one point that Cygnus would be willing
>     to host the common tree, and provide access to Kenner and other FSF
>     maintainers.
> The site of the repository is indeed what I suspect will make this the
> most problematical.  Cygnus and the FSF are on opposite coasts and
> cross-country Internet access has been quite poor lately.  Whichever
> coast is chosen for the repository will greatly inconvenience the
> people on the other coast.

Cygnus is not only on the west coast; last time I checked, Jeff Law's in Utah,
Michael Meissner is in Cambridge near the FSF.  So two of the four folks
listed as having "Blanket Write Privs." in the egcs MAINTAINERS file are
not on the West Coast.  Furthermore, some of the folks who have
write-after-approval access to the egcs CVS tree are in Europe.  They seem
to be managing OK.  So I believe this to be a non-issue.  Perhaps Michael
M. can fill you in on how well CVS access works from the east coast,
based on his own experience.

> I don't know CVS well enough: is there some kind of a mirroring capability
> that can allow there to be two repositories and have changes migrate in
> the background (sort of like the way news works)?

Not as far as I know (and commercial systems I'm aware of that do have a
"multisite" capability generally require manual merges), but the checkins
and checkouts can go in the background even with the one CVS database.

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