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Re: Two volunteers needed: New scheduler and aliasing code

Joe Buck writes:
| Cygnus is not only on the west coast; last time I checked, Jeff Law's in Utah,
| Michael Meissner is in Cambridge near the FSF.  So two of the four folks
| listed as having "Blanket Write Privs." in the egcs MAINTAINERS file are
| not on the West Coast.  Furthermore, some of the folks who have
| write-after-approval access to the egcs CVS tree are in Europe.  They seem
| to be managing OK.  So I believe this to be a non-issue.  Perhaps Michael
| M. can fill you in on how well CVS access works from the east coast,
| based on his own experience.

Cygnus is all over the globe.  We have offices in England,
Massachusetts, Toronto, Atlanta, Japan, Austrailia as well as
California.  Cvs works just fine bicoastally, and even world wide.  If
the network is slow, you just let it run, pop down the xterm, and work
on something else.  I've done cvs through a 28k modem line (check
files in, update, etc. ALL of the time).  At least one of our
engineers is still using a 14k modem (you obviously don't want to
check out whole trees over a modem line, but you can if that's all you
have, and you do not pay by the minute phone charges :-).  I will say,
on a tree that is undergoing rapid development, you sometimes have to
update the ChangeLog files once or twice to make sure they are in sync
(if the ChangeLog file is out of date, you remove your entries, cvs
update it, put your entries back in, and then do the commit).

| > I don't know CVS well enough: is there some kind of a mirroring capability
| > that can allow there to be two repositories and have changes migrate in
| > the background (sort of like the way news works)?
| Not as far as I know (and commercial systems I'm aware of that do have a
| "multisite" capability generally require manual merges), but the checkins
| and checkouts can go in the background even with the one CVS database.

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