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Re: Two volunteers needed: New scheduler and aliasing code

Mark Mitchell wrote:

>     The merge work that Kenner has asked for, and that it was pointed out
>     above would be easier if there were public access to the CVS tree GCC2
>     sources, would be main even easier if GCC2 and EGCS shared a common
>     CVS tree.


Richard Kenner writes:

> At present, though, I think it will just make life more complex.

How so?

>     I believe that Jeff agreed at one point that Cygnus would be willing
>     to host the common tree, and provide access to Kenner and other FSF
>     maintainers.

> The site of the repository is indeed what I suspect will make this the
> most problematical.  Cygnus and the FSF are on opposite coasts and
> cross-country Internet access has been quite poor lately.

I'm not sure what you mean by `poor', but I'm perfectly able to
remotely work on Amanda CVS tree, located in US, from my hosts in the
Brazilian academic network, that's got just permanently overloaded
few-Mb/s connection with US.

> Whichever coast is chosen for the repository will greatly
> inconvenience the people on the other coast.

I could set up a CVS server in Brazil, so both would be annoyed :-D

> I don't know CVS well enough: is there some kind of a mirroring capability
> that can allow there to be two repositories and have changes migrate in
> the background (sort of like the way news works)?

I'm aware of mirroring capabilities of CVS servers, but, AFAIK, there
must be a master site, that must handle all check-ins.

Alexandre Oliva
Universidade Estadual de Campinas, SP, Brasil

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