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Re: Two volunteers needed: New scheduler and aliasing code

In gcc2 (Jason Merrill) writes:

>The FSF already has a pserver set up, it just doesn't support anonymous
>access.  The problem with anonymous CVS at the FSF is that they're only
>running 1.9, which does not support 'readers' or '--allow-root', so they're
>not sure which version to run.  The latest versions don't support working
>on the RCS files directly; if someone checks something in via RCS, the next
>time you try to update your tree CVS complains that the head revision
>doesn't match the one it cached, and dies.

The head revision cache is only in the Cygnus version of CVS.  It is
not in the CVS releases distributed by Cyclic.

I have not submitted the patches into Cyclic precisely because of
problems like these.  We avoid them at Cygnus by draconian control
over the CVS repository, but they can cause problems for other people.
My plan is to eventually submit them into Cyclic controlled by a
parameter in the relatively new config file.

I recommend that the FSF use the CVS 1.9.26 release from Cyclic.  It
should not have the problem described above.


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