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Re: egcs, system.h cutover, (second attempt)

  In message <>you write:
  > 	I thought I submitted this against egcs-980308, but I didn't see
  > it come across the mailing lists, nor can I find it in the archive.  So
  > here is a second attempt. 
  > 	This patch gets most of the files where we need to include
  > system.h in the gcc directory.  More cutover work remains, but this
  > patch is already large enough.  :-)
  > 		--Kaveh
  > Wed Mar 11 12:47:24 1998  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>
  > 	* (alias.o, bitmap.o, c-aux-info.o, c-common.o,
  > 	c-decl.o, c-iterate.o, c-lang.o, c-lex.o, c-pragma.o, c-typeck.o,
  > 	caller-save.o, calls.o, collect2.o, combine.o, cse.o, dbxout.o,
  > 	dwarf2out.o, dwarfout.o, emit-rtl.o, except.o, explow.o, expmed.o,
  > 	expr.o, final.o, flow.o, function.o, getpwd.o, global.o,
  > 	integrate.o, jump.o, local-alloc.o, loop.o, optabs.o, pexecute.o,
  > 	prefix.o, print-rtl.o, print-tree.o, profile.o, real.o, recog.o,
  > 	reg-stack.o, regclass.o, regmove.o, reload.o, reload1.o, reorg.o,
  > 	rtl.o, rtlanal.o, sdbout.o, stmt.o, stor-layout.o, stupid.o,
  > 	tlink.o, toplev.o, tree.o, unroll.o, varasm.o, xcoffout.o): Depend
  > 	on system.h.
  > 	* alias.c, bitmap.c, c-aux-info.c, c-common.c, c-decl.c,
  > 	c-iterate.c, c-lang.c, c-lex.c, c-pragma.c, c-typeck.c,
  > 	caller-save.c, calls.c, collect2.c, combine.c, cse.c, dbxout.c,
  > 	dwarf2out.c, dwarfout.c, emit-rtl.c, except.c, explow.c, expmed.c,
  > 	expr.c, final.c, flow.c, function.c, gcc.c, getpwd.c, global.c,
  > 	integrate.c, jump.c, local-alloc.c, loop.c, optabs.c, pexecute.c,
  > 	prefix.c, print-rtl.c, print-tree.c, profile.c, real.c, recog.c,
  > 	reg-stack.c, regclass.c, regmove.c, reload.c, reload1.c, reorg.c,
  > 	rtl.c, rtlanal.c, sched.c, sdbout.c, stmt.c, stor-layout.c,
  > 	stupid.c, tlink.c, toplev.c, tree.c, unroll.c, varasm.c,
  > 	xcoffout.c: Include system.h.  Organize include ordering so
  > 	that stdarg/varargs comes before other system headers.  Remove
  > 	spurious casts of functions assured of a prototype in system.h.
A few notes.

When adding new dependencies in, it's a lot easier on us
if you add them to the end of the existing dependency list.  Doing
so creates fewer lines for us to read when reviewing the change :-)

The reduction in spurious diffs/changes also makes it easier for anyone
doing development that might effect the same areas in the compiler.

Reducing spurious diffs also makes the gcc2 -> egcs merge process

You do not need to go back and change them -- those comments are for
future reference.

I probably would recommend smaller patch files too.  The # of messages
you have to send is higher, but each message is easier to review and
therefore can get approved quicker :-)

Please go ahead and install this patch.


ps.  I suspect it bounced the first time because it was > 40k bytes
which is also a good indication that your patch has become too
large :-)

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