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egcs-1.0.2 incompatible with assembler on alpha-dec-osf1.3 ?

When compiling egcs-1.0.2 on alpha-dec-osf1.3, the compiler produces
code that chokes the DEC as assembler.  I submitted this for egcs-1.0.1,
but the problem is still here.  There is no gas in binutils-2.8.1 for
alpha-dec-osf1.3 .  Here is the output I get during compile:

>rm -f include/limits.h
>cp xlimits.h include/limits.h
>chmod a+r include/limits.h
>rm -f include/README
>cp ./README-fixinc include/README
>chmod a+r include/README
>touch stmp-int-hdrs
>./xgcc -B./  -DIN_GCC    -g -I./include     -DNO_MEM -DNO_LONG_DOUBLE_IO -O0 -I. -c ./enquire.c
>as0: Error: /tmp/cc004928.s, line 5: undefined assembler operation: .arch
>      .arch ev4
>make: *** [enquire.o] Error 1

Here is some information about my system & version of as:

> uname -a
OSF1 band3 V1.3 111 alpha

> as -V
[a bunch of RCS version info deleted]
as  (as)
	The DEC OSF/1 AXP Compiler Driver 3.11

> ls -l /usr/lib/cmplrs/cc/as*
-r-xr-xr-x   1 root     root      425984 May 22 1995  /usr/lib/cmplrs/cc/as0*
-r-xr-xr-x   1 root     root      696320 May 22 1995  /usr/lib/cmplrs/cc/as1*
-r-xr-xr-x   1 root     root      696320 May 22 1995  /usr/lib/cmplrs/cc/as1.rrs*

I am not enough of a guru to fix this one on my own.

Scott Blackman

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