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Re: [patch] build vs. host confusion

I seem to recall bringing up this (or a similar) confusion quite
awhile ago (probably during 1997) on the gcc2 list.

Generally, GNU and other programs use "host" to denote the
system on which the program is being built and "target" to
denote the system on which the program is to be run.  For
most programs, this (a two-system-labeling approach) is adequate.

Compilers like gcc have a third system -- the system on which
code (programs) they *generate* is to be run.

Unfortunately (from one point of view), for compilers, we've
been changing the terminology.  "host" denotes what "target"
means elsewhere -- the system on which the program (that is,
the *compiler*) is to be run, and "target" denotes this third
system, the one on which code produced by the compiler is to
be run.  "build" is introduced to denote the system on which
the compiler is to be built -- the term "host" is used for
this when discussing other, non-code-generating programs.

I believe I suggested we consider changing the terminology
of gcc2, but it was considered to be way too late for that
(almost certainly the case now, and probably then as well).

Anyway, if the current docs don't clarify this difference for
people who look at the issue as described above (and, note that
compiler people might tend to look at it the "other" way, i.e.
not think of the compiler as "just another program"), then
perhaps they should be improved to do so.

        tq vm, (burley)

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